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Butter Lion Rocks the world with Imagination !

 “Once, a bear was strolling down the road and a butter cream pie stroke on his head. And then another, and then another stroke right on the top. The butter cream mane transformed him into a lion! Thus the Butter Lion was born....” This is a narration for a TV commercial.



In 2006, the leading stationery company in Taiwan - Lion Pencil Co., Ltd, created the character Butter Lion in celebration of the company′s 50th anniversary and decided to start a whole new brand to attract the creative generation of people. The adorable Butter Lion has not re-energize Lion Pencil Co., Ltd, but has also become a super star in Asia.

 To inspire the audience′s imagination, the creative marketing team of Butter Lion is devoted to implement the slogan, “Imagination is your superpower”, when coming up with a new series of collection. The team endeavors to bring fun and joy in every detail of Butter Lion products, from the appearance, function to the packaging, so everyone can experience the pure delight when his or her heart is touched by the unique Butter Lion products.
Butter Lion aims to expand to the international market and brings infinite possibilities to his fans. Life becomes more fulfilling and joyful, let Butter Lion build our dreams with us.

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