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Butter Lion has new friends!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! It is so glad to introduce that Butter Lion has new company!


There are three good friends joined Butter Lion’s family. The cutest Piggie has white fluffy cotton candy on its pinky body. The mane of Jellie’s are made of jelly and its ultramarine blue body with canary yellow striped on it. The funny Cappu always wears a small coffee cup, with three coffee beans on the breast and has dark circles under eyes caused due to long time sleeplessness by the coffee smell. These new friends will help Butter Lion to inspire everyone’s unlimited imagination, curiosity and creativity by the superpower.


And a series of animations of Butter Lion & the good friends will also be released on YouTube, Butte Lion official website and Facebook in September.


Lion Pencil Co., Ltd. devoted for years to create the animations in order to bring more interesting and creative stories to the fans, so let us look forward to immersing the world with the power of imagination surrounded by Butter Lion & the good friends.


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